Dear Participants,

Michael Wasielewski

On behalf of the Kellogg School of Management's Center for Mathematical Studies in Economics and Management Sciences, the Kellogg Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship, and the Initiative for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern (ISEN), I am delighted to welcome you to our upcoming symposium, the 2012 Northwestern Workshop on Challenges for Electricity Markets.

This workshop seeks to bring together regulators, academics and representatives from industry with an interest in Electricity Markets. The workshop will be organized around some of the challenges that such markets pose. Specifically, we want to address the following questions:

- How should the introduction of renewable sources change the design of electricity markets?

- What regulation or organization of electricity markets should be adopted in the face of climate change?

- How should electricity tariffs be structured in the future, given the prospect of enhanced demand response that accompanies a next-generation Smart Grid?

Please join us for the entire day, or just for one talk - whatever your schedule may permit. I hope that you will arrive with an open mind, ask questions while you are here, and leave feeling engaged and informed.

We look forward to seeing you on May 4-5!

Luciano De Castro

Assistant Professor of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences
Kellogg School of Management

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